Owl Be Seeing You…

Owl -collage2

I am usually pretty easy going, and a little crazy when it comes to orders and clients. I am also very friendly, so I may even be a Chatty Cathy – some clients respond well to this, some don’t, and that’s okay. It’s like when you’re getting your hair done – some people like to chat during the whole process and some don’t.

Sweet Lemonims is still a very young business, even though we have been working at it since 2013 – we’re still not very well known, so the small support base of clients we do have, we hold near and dear to our hearts. One client in particular is Vicki – she is a very sweet and easy going person who wanted to make her daughter Riley’s first birthday the best party ever. Vicki chose an owl theme with 80’s neon pinks and fluorescent greens – the color scheme was pretty rad for a first birthday, and I was up for the challenge.

The cardstock was super hard to find in such large quantities, so when I ended up finally finding the perfect combination of colors, I felt like Lisa Frank anointed me with the colors of her crazy/beautiful rainbow.

These were ballsy colors for a first birthday, and not your typical first birthday theme. It was like an edgy, rock-star owl party and the final outcome totally rocked! And as much as Vicki is adamant about her not having a creative bone in her body, don’t believe her. She has a knack for planning parties, and knows how to stretch her dollars. If that isn’t creative, I don’t know what is. She also had the great idea of making her own centerpieces, and to go with the vibrant and happy colors, she chose gumballs to coordinate with the centerpieces. Genius!

I am so happy and proud that Sweet Lemonims was apart of the process – from invitations to party decor to accessories.

With Vicki’s vision, and 3am brainstorming – no joke, I don’t think any mom ever sleeps – we got this really fun, super funky, colorful, and bright party suite complete!

Thank you, Vicki for allowing Sweet Lemonims to be apart of your party and Riley’s very special first birthday! Happy Birthday, cutie!!

Owl be seeing you again soon…hopefully for another party, or for a glass of wine — lots and lots of wine!