Traveling to Disney DIY

You will quickly learn how much of a Disney fanatic I am – so much that I have finagled my way into making us take three family vacations to Disney World with our now two year old son. Yes, our son has been to Disney World more times than some older kids, but we love it, he loves it, and we’re together as a family.


Us. In all of our dorky glory.

The 90’s sitcom was right – Family Matters. There’s your pun for the year. Did I (seriously) do that? How rude?! My, lanta. Okay, sorry. I’m mixing my TGIF, but you get the point.


The incomparable Rosetta LeNoire.

Mooooving on…

My nephew is going on his first Disney trip – and not just Disney – he’s going to the mother land, Disneyland, as his very first Disney experience. So I thought I would make him some iron-on decals for some shirts I picked up. He’s a good kid.

He’s too cool for Disney Bounding. If you don’t know what that is, it’s made for people who look good wearing a garbage bag with a bow. Seriously. I couldn’t even do it if I tried. So, for frumps like me, a DIY shirt is the way to go.

I use the Cricut cutting machine, some good quality vinyl, a weeding tool (looks like a dentist plaque picker), my trusty ruler, an iron, scissors, and a nice cotton shirt.

I would like to add that I am not paid to say I use Cricut, I just like them is all! However, Cricut, if you’re out there – please send me free mats and blades, as I go through them like water.

You don’t need a fancy cutting machine, but if you want your DIY iron-ons to look less DIY, it’s necessary.

I started with a basic design, but tweeked it to my needs by using Cricut’s slice tool.

My First Visit+year

Look how cute this is!

Then I sized it by adjusting the canvas in Design Space, which was a children’s size large t-shirt.

I chose my colors to sync to the correct template. Before cutting, make sure your Cricut is set to Vinyl, which will cut the top layer, but leave the backing intact for an ideal weed. I love weed(ing)! Mirror the image. Load. Cut!

What you get after weeding. I’m sorry I didn’t photograph that part- I was sweating and tired at that point. The backing is a little sticky, but not too sticky. Place the decal on to your garment, and adjust to your desired location accordingly. Your eyes never lie – mine do, though – they’re jerks.


I should add that I purchased the t-shirt for $5 from Target – it’s by Circo  – and they had a plethora of colors to choose from. It was actually the best material I have worked with, too. Without the cost of the tools that I had (like my cricut, my weeding tools, my brain) – this project was $15 to make. Not bad!

There! Done! I’ll follow up with a photo of him wearing it in the happiest place on Earth!